Nothing is Fabulous anymore…is it?

Nowadays you can go anywhere in the world in a few hours, and nothing is fabulous any more- RD

How true I thought. Few days ago while talking about our grandmothers me and my husband (and more people who had grandmothers) said that they had a talkative generation, loved story telling. Also, they were amazed when they saw a club, a car, dancing because it was a shocking way to live ones life- totally opposite of how they were raised and how they imagined life to be. In the middle of that conversation someone said- they had ACs in every room in 1960, when most places did not even have electricity in India, they had AC. to which i remarked- yes but i don’t remember when i saw AC for the first time- there must have been a first time  but i don’t remember it. because it was not fabulous, it was just another thing in the house.

And this convenience of commodities has seriously diminished (not killed) the joy of being awestruck. I remember my grandfather telling us stories of how his father had a radio, it was kept out of their reach and they waited to be alone with the marvel machine so that they could touch the glorious machine that had music and news. I look at my one year old- there is absolutely no such thing in the house, or our lives that she can NOT touch. I wonder if we are raising her to be absolutely comfortable in her house or if we are just not discipline her enough. But I can always digress to introspect my parenting skill…focusing on the though of  how things are not fabulous anymore

I look at the words we use now a days, everything is AWESOME!!! yes with as many as three exclamations. Is there a reason why my social media news feed features updates of MIND BLOWING soups, AMAZING naps, KILLER discounts? I wonder how was your mid blown with an ice creme? I can understand that they can be truly delicious, but does it actually do more? Do enough to say that it blew your mind? There must be some moments that really, truly add perspective to our life, that motivate us, or bring a new sense of thrill/joy/happiness/joy/shame….something. It seems that collective lack of vocabulary and an obsessive need to experience everything in a superlative mode has made everything stupendous.

So I sit and wonder when was the last time something truly amazing blew my mind. Having a child  and seeing her grow has many moments, but they are personal and incomparable, so I will try to recall memories other than those of my daughter smiling or walking or shushing me.

There was this one time, while driving from Mumbai to Goa, early morning we landed at a beach- it was empty and there was a beautiful twilight. There was no one there and it was divine- like God herself photo shopped the visual.

The first time I dived, breathing under water, seeing those magnificent creatures – it was magical.

There was a government notice board in Bhutan, it stated that the monastery was constructed by an Indian hermit who flew on a tigress for constructions. Since everyone considered it to be a valid method for developing real estate at mountain cliff – I was amazed.

And most recently, I saw my father’s eye shine… he was trying to chase my daughter. there was nothing extraordinary in that play session but I saw a shine in his eyes that transcended happiness and joy.


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