no silver lining, just a head full of dark clouds

so it was one of those news items that are put in news for no real reason, it made little or no difference to anyone if Big B went to meet Dilip Kumar, except both of them maybe, however they have been the face of Bollywood for so long that anything they do seems important. But what caught my attention was not their faces, it was their hair- their head full of pitch black hair and i wondered how is it that they are still keen to have an all black colour.

Dilip Kumar (born 11 December 1922) and Amitabh Bachchan (born 11 October 1942) are still finding time to ensure the dark cloud over their head does not have a silver lining. At the age of like 91 and 71 they are both scions of cinema and their looks have been a benchmark for men of their generation, most of them have retired three or one decade ago. While Amitabh Bachchan is still working and hence has a constant gaze, the vanity in Dilip Kumar’s hair coloring is amusing and confusing.


We constantly discuss how teenagers act and talk in a manner that’s too old for them, this image made me wonder about people who are old but refuse to look or act like that. From people working hard to alter lifestyles to look younger it has now come to a stage where people wish to completely refuse age. Anti wrinkle creme producers will tell you that you should start using them at 30 and hair colour manufactures will tell you that you could look 30 even at 60.

I wondered when was the last time i saw a person giving a retirement speech with grey or silver hair…no memories of the last decade or so. Remember the movies where the fathers had grey hair and the mothers has white hair and the hero and heroine had parents in their 50s looking like people in 50s, instead of people in 50s trying desperately to look like 30 or 35 or 38. i wonder few decades down the line small children will look at movies and see that no one has white hair, not sure if it will be a mirror of the society or if the society is doing what mass media is representing. Almost everyone seems to have deceived the biology of ageing by easy to use and cheap hair colour. But what drives a 91 year old to hide grey hair which otherwise begin to appear in 30s for most people, is it looks, is it refusal to accept age, is it tough to be seen as old, or is it that everyone has dark hair.



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2 responses to “no silver lining, just a head full of dark clouds

  1. Neelam

    Yeah even I noted that and wondered. AB still has some shades, and changes them according to movies, but Dilip Kumar’s were jet black.

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