1.35 kg 24-carat ganesh idol stolen

Vrinda Malik
MUMBAI: Two Armed robbers looted an ancient Ganesh temple and fled with a gold idol, worth over Rs 38 crores, many gold ornaments and Rs two lakh cash from a temple in Dive Agar, over 150 kms form here on Saturday.

 Attempt to stop the loot proved to be fatal for the temple guard Baban Gopal Dhadsi (50) who was stabbed repeatedly; another guard Anant Bapu Bhagat (55) also suffered serious injuries. According to the police, the robbers entered the temple after removing few bricks from the roof top, they collected all the gold ornaments along with the 24 carat gold idol weighed 1 kg and 325 grams. The Raigad police is examining the CCTV camera footage to identify the thieves and has launched a manhunt.

 “From the CCTV footage, we can see that two robbers broke into the temple between 2am and 3am. We have formed police teams to go to various parts of Maharashtra and outside the state to trace them,” said superintendent of police of Raigad district, R D Shinde


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