‘scam of fake-whatever-you-want’ exposed by Mumbai Police

Mumbai: The Mumbai Police, on Monday unearthed a major fake document racket that has been running for over five years, providing over 37 types of fake documents of ‘excellent quality’.

Terming the scam as a ‘scam of fake-whatever-you-want’ Mumbai Joint Commissioner of Police (Crime) Himanshu Roy said that the police team was amazed at the painstaking attention to detail. “There is mastery in the manner in which certificates, documents, I cards were made and everything from the paper, to ink, style and lamination was executed to perfection” Holding a pile of papers that looked like old faded stamp papers he said, “These are brand new- made to look like 20-30 years old court papers which could be used of anything!”

Two agents Parvez Makrani (32) and Dharamjit Mishra (43) are under arrest and the police is hopeful of unearthing the entire network. According to Police, 42 year old Dayanand Vijay Bansi, the master mind of the operation was parlayed five years ago during which the former graphic designer never met or spoke to anyone and created fake documents of amazing accuracy. Despite being a 12th standard drop out he is said to have had experience in graphic designing and digital printing. “He was never in public eye, the entire operation was run via agents who met people and informed him what needed to be made” Mr Roy added. Police is yet to arrest Dayanand Viajy Bansi, “He has been paralysed for the last five years and we need to consider his health condition before we arrest him.”

After interrogation the two agents told the police about the location of the printing press machinery used to print forged documents like birth certificates, Death Certificates,  Stamp Certificates, Stamp Papers, Pan Cards, Election Cards, School leaving certificates, Electricity Bills, Phone Bills, Driving license, Bank Stamps, SSC certificates, Ratio cards, Slum rehabilitation Allocation (SRA) etc, “a total of 37 different kinds of documents and I-cards, the most interesting of them being a Mumbai crime reporters I card, issued by Mumbai Police” Mr Roy added.

“He actually had copies of Govt of Maharashtra gazettes where he would simply insert an entry of change of name,” The cost of getting a fake document did not depend on the time or effort involved in making it but the value of the certificate. While a school leaving certificate was for Rs 5,000-10,000, a certificate for a auto loan etc was over Rs 25,000.

Mr Roy added that, “This has been going on for over five years and this is only the tip of the ice berg; we are yet to find out the entire list of beneficiaries and agents. Also in cases of bank loans the lack of physical verification will also need to be checked.” (Eom)


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