got a degree….10 yrs on….check for UGC reconition

Vrinda Malik

MUMBAI: Ten years after completion of a degree from Mumbai University’s ‘Alkesh Dinesh Mody Institute of Financial and Management Studies’ a work visa rejection revealed to a student that his degree was not recognized.

“I was recently rejected a work visa from a European country saying that my degree was not recognized by University Grants Commission (UGC). I graduated from the course a decade ago, the degree was from Mumbai University so I never questioned basic clearances and recognition etc and now I have no idea what can be done,” he said.

Presently working as a Chartered accountant in Mumbai, the student (requesting anonymity) has raised the matter not just with the Institute but also the University. “The university initially told me that the institution was recognized and perhaps the course was not. they were very helpful- they gave me a letter that spoke of the history of the institution and the university and the various certifications and recognitions they had- but as long as the course is not recognized- nothing else matters to the embassy,” he said.


His Masters degree in Financial Services Management (MFSM) he says has helped him in finding a job and he does not have any issues with the university, “But if UGC grants the university finances and regulates the courses how can there be a course for over a decade minus recognition? Thousands of students must have passed out from the Institute, most of them have no idea that their degrees are not recognized by the UGC. They too will have problems while applying for employment or further studies abroad,” he added.

After contacting the UGC many times, he was assured that the matter would be taken up in the next Degree Specification Committee, which meets every at east 3-4 times a year, “The meeting was to happen few months ago, nothing happened,” he said disheartened. Having spent the last few months running from pillar to post to get the situation rectified he has researched the matter and written letters to the University as well as the UGC over the matter, “I hope there is some response from someone.”

Sources at the Alkesh Dinesh Mody Institute, said that the course was recognized by the directorate of technical education (AICTE) and the university had all the necessary sanctions to run the course, “We have tried our best to help the student, we gave him letters of recommendations and clarifications as well. However the UGC recognition is not in our hands.” The official at the Institute added that the university and the institute have been writing to the UGC for several years now but have not heard back.

As a last resort the student has now written to the ministry of human resource development, stating that ‘thousands of students are suffering as the course conducted by Mumbai University is not recognized by UGC and jeopardizes the interest of students  whose fate will be permanently sealed for going abroad for further studies and/ or for employment purpose…I  will be denied the visa if UGC does not take immediate steps to recognize the Mumbai University MFSM conducted course by Alkesh Dinesh Mody Institute and my career could be doomed forever.”


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