Life term for Telgi

MUMBAI: Local sessions court on Wednesday sentenced Abdul Karim Telgi to life imprisonment for his role in forgery, counterfeiting and cheating in the multi-Crore stamp paper scam.

Telgi, who pled his case via video conference from a Bangalore Jail, said that his health was deteriorating each day, “I am a patient of diabetes, heart disease, kidney problems and my legs are paralyzed. I am in urgent need of a kidney operation and my wife is seriously ill as well.” He prayed for minimum sentence saying that he was the only one responsible his only daughter, who was of marriageable age.

The multi-crore rupee fake stamp paper racket kingpin requested the court to be lenient in ordering a fine, “I am penniless… cannot pay the fine. I have been in judicial custody since November 7, 2011…I pray for leniency.”

Three policemen – KK Parmar, AB Sonwalkar and Ganpat Jadhav – were convicted for insubordination, abetting and allowing Telgi to flee. Parmar has been awarded a jail term of six years, Sonwalker awarded four years term and Jhadav five years for misconduct and insubordination along with a fine of Rs 15,000 each. The charge sheet states that the officers,” failed to comply with the instructions given by the superiors…failed to arrest or interrogate Telgi” and adds that the officers intentionally framed incorrect record by making false entries in the case diaries for closing investigations to help Telgi remain free.

While Iman Chaudhry was acquitted from all charges, the court observed that seven others had undergone six-seven years in jail which that exceeded the term of their charges against them. All the seven convicted, Shabir Shaikh, Mohd. Sayed Yasin, Ramaratan Srinivas Soni, Riyas Ahmed Mokashi, Mallesh Dhulannavar, Sanjay Jayant Gaikwad and Daniel Kanakraj, were fined Rs 10,000 for each of the three cases. Srikant Rane, who was a stamp vendor, was given a total of 11 years of RI in two cases and a total fine of 51,000.

Earlier, the Mumbai sessions court rejected an application to make Union Science and Technology Minister and Congress leader Vilasrao Deshmukh a co-accused in the multi-Crore stamp paper scam. In December 2003, police had lodged an FIR against Telgi and several others, he has been lodged in a Bangalore prison since April 2004, serving varying jail terms that entailed his convictions by various courts.


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