Fardeen Khan granted immunity in narcotics case

A local sessions’ court on Wednesday granted immunity to Bollywood actor Fardeen Khan in a case registered against him in 2001 for the possession and consumption of cocaine.

The actor had filed for immunity from prosecution before a special Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances (NDPS) court stating that he had undergone a de-addiction programme at the KEM hospital recently. Charges framed against him were dropped, acquitting him. However, the special NDPS court said that if he was arrested for a similar offence in the future then the immunity against him would be withdrawn. “After 11 years, this judgment has brought a sigh of relief to me and my family, I am grateful to the judge for accepting my application. I will share this happy moment with my family,” the actor said.


Fardeen was arrested in 2001 by The Narcotics Control Bureau. Charges were framed against him in October last year for attempting to buy cocaine, while the graver charge of possessing over two grams of the drug, that carries a maximum punishment of 10 years in jail, was dropped.

Fardeen’s lawyer, Ayaz Khan said his client was never a habitual user and had in fact undergone rehabilitation.

Teasing Journalists

Refusing to forget his past,reporters asked him what would he do if he was caught taking /buying drug again. After a long pause, the actor gave a stern look and said,”ye koi poochne waalil baat hai(is this a question to ask?)” Soon after he left the entire group wondered why dint he say i am not doing drugs….ever and become an ambassador for no drugs campaign.


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