supriya sule’s citizenship row, fresh notices served

MUMBAI: The Mumbai high court on Monday served fresh notice to the Singapore Consulate General’s office to provide all the relevant documents in the case of Supriya Sule’s citizenship by 2rd March adding that ‘they should not test the court’s powers’.

The court was hearing an application of Mrunalini Kakade, which alleged hindrances in gathering information with respect to Supriya Sule’s citizenship. The initial petition, of Mrinalini Kakde challenged Sule’s election to Lok Sabha from Baramati in 2009, stating that Ms. Sule’s election be declared null and void, as she was a non-Indian after acquiring citizenship of Singapore by buying property there.

“They should not test the power of the court, court has many other methods…They should not feel that they can avoid (submitting documents),”Justice JH Bhatia said. The high court issued a fresh letter of request to Mahendran Muthusamy, councillor officer in the Consulate General’s office, for deposing before HC, and directed him to produce all documents pertaining to the citizenship status of Sule.

Previously Ms Kakade had alleged that documents pertaining to the citizenship of Ms Sule were not being provided because of her father, Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) chief Sharad Pawar’s influence.

The court had earlier ordered the councillor officer to provide all the relevant documents after the Councillor officer of the Singapore Consulate in Mumbai and the Emigration and Check-point authorities in Singapore but both claimed to be “unable to accede to the request” of providing information about the citizenship of Ms. Sule.


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