making security arrangements for the giant elephant- BMC polls

MUMBAI: Mumbai Police Commissioner Arup Patnaik, on Tuesday expressed confidence in the security arrangements for the upcoming Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) elections on 16th February.

“2,375 officers and 20,982 policemen from Mumbai police will be deployed to ensure law and order during the elections. In addition to 2,000 home guards three companies of Rapid Action Force and five companies of state Police will also be working to ensure that the elections are smooth and peaceful,” he said. Speaking to reporters about the security arrangements Mr Patnaik said that even though the upcoming elections are of a municipal corporation, the stakes are very high for all the parties and the Police have to check each lane and street to ensure law and order.

“We had started policing long back because of which so far no unpleasant incident or violence has been reported. Election officers and police will move in on Wednesday when Electronic voting machines (EVMs) will be shifted to polling booths,” he said.

Mumbai Police has marked over 200 centers marked sensitive to ensure better policing, “After discussing the history of the area, background of politicians standing for elections, local rivalries, supports behavior and possibility of clashes we have marked 221 centers (having 883 booths) as sensitive and 4 centers as hyper sensitive,” he said. Speaking to reporters two days before the polling he said,” Now that the rallies and public meetings are over we have started to focus on the polling. As preventive action, Over 300 firearms have already been deposited in police stations, 83 people have been extenuated and over 170 people have submitted security bonds under 107 Cr Pc,” he said.

An additional police control room set up has been set up at Banda Kurla center (BKC) and two emergency phone lines (22623054, 22621983) have been set up at the control rooms for public to report any incident of election violation or violence etc. “We appeal the public to use them judiciously to report any relevant activity in their neighborhood,” he added. (Eom)


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