how cheap sims help a terror attack

MUMBAI: One more person has been arrested by anti terrorist squad (ATS) for supplying sim cards to terrorists by misusing documents procured by selling sim cards. On Wednesday Rakesh Maria, ATS chief and Additional Director-General told journalists that Shiv kumar Minsinauru is the 9th arrest in the matter.

Shiv Kumar, who ran a Vada Pav stall in Naigao, has been sent to police custody till 1st Feb by Mazgaon court. He ran a vada pav stall in the evenings and during the day time he worked as a driver selling sim to people for Rs30 each.  “They would sell a sim card, loaded with talk time of Rs 40 talk time and collect documents from the people. They would then make 10-15 copies of each document set and apply for many sim cards from many service providers,” Mr Maria said. The police say that Shiv Kumar was working with Ganesh Vitthal Tikone, an MTNL agent in the city.

“They were making over 10,000 photocopies daily of various documents and we have recovered over 2200 photos and documents from the accused…you can imagine the magnitude of the scam,” Mr. Maria had earlier said that Naquee, accused in 13/7 blast case, and his brother were running an outlet of SIM cards in the Madanpura area and they provided these cards to Yasin Bhatkal, a wanted IM operative.

Mr Maria added that the police needed to check the spread of bogus SIM cards as they were posing a major security hazard, “when all number, address and name of the leads are bogus, it hampers the speed of all investigations. Fake or repeatedly used documents can easily be used for new sim cards and none wants to take the responsibility of verification, especially for prepaid customers,” he said.


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