stolen gold worth 1.44 crores recovered

MUMBAI: Gold worth over 1.44 Crore stolen from the Santa Cruz domestic airport cargo terminal over 2 weeks ago was recovered by the Mumbai police on Tuesday.

Due to a miscommunication the valuable parcel from Hydrabad was left at the general cargo pile instead of being guarded by an armed official and escorted to a safe. Santosh Kadam (25) and Ravi Satam (40), employees of another courier company, saw the opportunity and stole the parcel containing gold worth over 1.44 Crores by simply hiding the parcel in their office bag placed on a luggage trolley.

“News of the missing parcel reached us on 22nd December and the investigation started immediately. As it was an area of restricted entry we focused on employees and after speaking to over 50 employees we zeroed down on these two who were produced in the court today and are now in police remand,” Mumbai Joint Commissioner of Police (Crime) Himanshu Roy told reporters.

Interestingly the duo pulled off the heist despite the presence of over 50 other employees and did not get caught by CCTV cameras they were caught when the tried to sell some of the gold. “The two men have no previous criminal record…one part of the recovery was captured when they came to sell it at Ville Parle and remaining was recovered from their home,” Mr Roy added.(Eom)


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