court extended judicial remand of Jigna Vora and 10 others

MUMBAI: A special court here on Tuesday extended the judicial custody of journalist Jigna Vora and 10 others accused in the J. Dey murder case, till Jan 16.

Ms Vora, a deputy bureau chief with a Mumbai daily, was arrested on 25th November by the Crime Branch of Mumbai police in connection with the killing of senior crime reporter J Dey last year.  J Dey was gunned down in Powai by motorcycle borne assailants. According to police, Ms Vora had provided the numbers of Dey’s mobile and motorbike and his exact location to absconding mafia don Chhota Rajan.

Many old colleagues and well wishers of Ms Vora were present outside the special Maharashtra Control of Organised Crime Act (MCOCA) where she waited for her turn in the court. She mocked the situation asking them if they needed a ‘quote’ from her and broke down crying.

Tulsidas Sanghvi (85) was shaken to see his granddaughter escorted by constables and led to the court room, “Why is everyone after her? There are thousands of people getting killed and hundreds are being looted and cheated but everyone in police and media have decided to ruin her life instead of doing their work.” The inconsolable grandfather said that he came from a very humble background and was very proud of his granddaughter because she was exceptionally hard working and intelligent, “I don’t say leave her alone, let justice take its course but let her breathe. Why has everyone strangulated her?” Ms Vora took special permission from the court to use telephone in order to speak to her grandmother in Ghatkopar.

Ms Vora refused to answer any question to media, restricting her conversation to the few colleagues she had known for years, all of who agreed that she was being ostracised because she was too successful too soon. “Jigna is a victim of professional rivalry. She made more enemies than friends in her rise to being one the best crime reporters in the city and she has to pay the price for it now,” said one of her friends who has know Ms Vora before she became a crime reporter (Eom)



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