Medical practitioners advertising ‘total cure’ may lose licence

Medical practitioners advertising “total cure” of various ailments, including sexual diseases, could soon find their licence cancelled. Taking a serious note of homoeopathy, ayurveda and allopathy doctors advertising “100 per cent cure” of such diseases in newspapers and other media, State Medical Education Minister Arunesh Shakir warned that their licence would be cancelled if they continued to do so. He said these advertisements were illegal and that it was also unethical for a doctor to advertise in such a manner.

So much for those tattered tents that are usually put on on road sides promising the solution to all ‘secret diseases”  or Gupt roog,. With the issue of sexuality, sexual diseases and sex being under carpet it is difficult, especially for the middle and lower income group men to openly seek medical help. this leads to  many scruplous doctors who allegedly use alleged ‘ancient wisdom’ for problems that many would claim is psychological.

Mr. Shakir added that any doctor issuing advertisements would be issued a show-cause notice by the affiliating body and proceedings would be launched for cancellation of his/her licence. The Minister issued directions for initiation of action against all those doctors who were advertising through various media, including print, broadcast and outdoor media, for treatment of various ailments. He said it was unfortunate that some of the leading medical practitioners were issuing advertisements and putting up hoardings in different parts of the State claiming total cure, especially in matters of sexual problems and guaranteeing birth of a male child. He also issued directions to start a campaign to stop advertisements by rural medical practitioners as these were in violation of the guidelines of the Medical Council of India.

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