Man awarded for service to canines

LUDHIANA: Sixty two- year-old Kuku Bakshi’s dedication towards serving canines has been awarded by Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association, who conferred him a Shining World Compassion Award, for feeding over 250 stray dogs each day.

Bakshi’s day starts at 4 a.m as he leaves on a rickshaw with his bags full of biscuits, buns, milk packets and 60 bowls. “I start from Subhani building and cover areas of Shahpur Road, Jail Road, Ghumar Mandi and Field Ganj but the motive is to feed stray dogs so I stop where ever there is a hungry puppy,” Bakshi adds.

Bakshi spends over four hours each morning feeding stray dogs before he returns to his ill father. The entrance to Bakshi’s house in Kareempura Bazaar is lined with bowls of milk and biscuits which he keeps for hungry dogs and cats. “I love animals; they give you unconditional love and show absolute loyalty towards you,” says Bakshi as he enters his home which houses his pets – seven cats, five parrots, and dog Bobo.

Bakshi has been spending over Rs. 1,000 each day buying over 30 litres of milk, biscuits and buns from his father’s pension and the house rent. “Sometimes few good men donate some food packets and money also,” he adds. Despite the economic constrains his concern is not diluted, he has assigned a local bakery to prepare special biscuits for dogs that contains sulphur. Expressing gratitude towards the association for the award, Bakshi said, “ A lot more needs to be done, and everyone should show compassion towards animals only then their condition would get better.”

Bipin Jayantilal Thosani, who represents the NGO in Mumbai, said that the association decided to award him after reading an online report on Bakshi’s love for dogs. “We advised him to spend some part of the award money on giving anti-rabies injections to stray dogs and tie a tag around their neck that these dogs have been vaccinated,” he added.

Bakshi, who was employed with the dance and drama wing of Public Relation Department, Punjab, wanted to become a classical dancer. “I could not become a dancer, but life goes on. I have seen many selfish people in my life and that’s what makes me love the animals more. I decided to serve only animals.”

published on
Monday, Nov 03, 2008


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