bribe me with a Bride

Jind(Haryana): With a skewed sex ratio of 861 females to 1,000 males due to decade of female foeticide and a high unemployment rate, it is not surprise that men in Haryana have asked the politicians to ‘bribe them with a Bride’.

Over 250 bachelors assembled in Jind on Wednesday, to protest against the government for being unable to provide employment and brides to them. “Our motto is clear Bahu do; vote lo (give a bride and take a vote),” says Chief of the Bachelors Union, Pawan Kunwara, who has changed his sur name to –Kunwara(bachelor), “being a bachelor is my only identity,” he explains.

On being asked why he choose the issue of unemployment and female foeticide he said that, “The two are not separate, I can’t get a wife because there are hardly any girls and if somehow there is a girl, chances are her father will refuse me because I don’t have a job. Hence to solve the problems of the Haryanavi youth, these two issues have to be solved together.”

Ahead of the Assembly elections on 13th Aug, the bachelors are demanding that political parties make promises of weddings and jobs instead of farm waivers. “The question is not about us being unmarried, it shows that educated men can’t find wives. No one will marry his daughter to an unemployed person. And instead of wavering off debt, we should provide new avenues of employment, so that no one has to take a loan.” But political parties have nothing more then a promised monthly allowance of Rs 3,000 for the educated unemployed.

Brainless sex preference and preference of a male child has made one of the most fertile lands of the country a matrimonial wasteland and presence of unemployment amongst the youth has added to the woes of the Bachelors. “The number of our unemployed bachelors would outnumber most countries’ armies, and still people think it is funny. It is high time we take a step to stop female foeticide and provide employment options to men,” Mr Kunwara added.

The sex ratio of 861 females to 1,000 males the absence of marriageable women has given boost to the crime of trafficking. In many villages of Haryana, wealthy men have to purchase brides from other states as there is a shortage of marriageable females, which is due to rampant Female foeticide.


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