when the silver bowl begs

its fun to see tables turn, isn’t it?
so what if they will again turn back in few days, the temporary thrill of having the power to make or break the future of a powerful person gives the feeling of grandeur.

Is that why elections are marked as celebration time amongst the poor? may be but the fact that they get big fat promises and goodies also adds to the excitement. the maid told me that she has two rallies to go to, hence was too busy to come for work. i asked if she was getting paid, she said no and i wondered why would a person earing Rs. 3,000 spend over Rs.100 to hear a politician. Perhaps the fact that this was the only time when she was getting any value for being a listener, an audience and that too out of the invitation of some one who earns over 1000 times more.

Elections see strange things happen, men born with silver spoons walk amidst dirt and mud, brave the sun and sit with families who cant afford food, assure them of a better future and move on to their SUVs, for another family, few more assurances.

The entire thing looks like play, whose screenplay was written by some sadist who wanted to bring out the extreme variation of wealth, education, hygiene and outlook by making them interdependent. and then he juxtaposes them so that the dept of each element can be understood and appreciated better by people like us. ‘people like us’, who dont vote because we are in between the extremities and standing next to either reminds us of either our shortcomings or our achievements. People like us, who declare the undeserving candidates to be undeserving of vote and time and enjoy the holiday while watching desperate housewives on pirated Cds.

At many rallies i observed the shear absence of middle class as if the political scene deals only with the margins of the society, the absolutely poor vote for the absolutely rich. those who fall in between have features written on them, for being different. Elections do bring out our personalities, the royal, the optimistic, the pessimistic, the macho, the sadist, the depressed, the maniac, the euphoric and the practical.


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