NRI held, betraying wife

CHANDIGARH: In another case of NRI marriage fraud, a Britain based NRI; Baldev Singh Sahota has been arrested after his estranged wife Archana Kumar complained of criminal intimidation and cheating, here on Saturday.

Archana alleged that Sahota raped her for two years under the pretext of marrying her, she said she could not press charges against him in Britain due to her language handicap and because Sahota had threatened her with her son’s life.

“Archana Kumar along with her son went to Britain in September 2003 on tourist visa. She met Sahota, a friend of her uncle, there. He took the passports of Archana and her son to prepare an application for an asylum for them in Britain,” said Jitender Singh Cheema, a Delhi-based lawyer who is Kumar’s counsel.

According to Kumar she was married off to Sahota’s nephew Amritpal Singh in 2005 in Britain, in which Sahota signed as a witness, later she was sent back to India. In 2006, Sahota returned to India, gave Archana fake documents of divorce from her husband and married her in March 2006 at Zirakpur, near here, she said. “He harassed me both physically and emotionally. He beat me so brutally that many times I had to be admitted in hospitals for months. He told me that he has links with Punjab’s politicians and terrorists.”

“There are over 30,000 girls like me in Punjab only. I have gone through hell and I pray that I am the last girl who is fooled by NRIs. I could not complaint against him as I dint not know English. He said that he will kill my son if I go to the police,” she added.

Archana said Sahota was the chairman of the Indian Council in Coventry and had good links with the police there. “It took me many years to find lawyers because no lawyer in Chandigarh took up my case. He is very powerful and he can get me killed.” Kumar also alleged that Sahota had Embezzle all money from a lottery worth 600,000 pounds, which her son had won in Britain.



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4 responses to “NRI held, betraying wife

  1. Aakanksha

    I am facing the same problem . I don’t Know the proper way to file case on my husband .Please tell me the way use by Kumar to punish him ,

  2. Anonymous

    Professional Prostitute..that is what this case sounds like. Is it not true that Indian residents are seen as betraying their country when plotting to live in another country under false pretences?? And lying that they are only on a visit? Kumar is a fake, liar and cheat and is a disgrace to India. NRI’s are innocent people, people like Kumar take advantage of them to gain a ‘passport’ overseas and lie to the indian government that they are visiting under tourist status. Lying..this is very clear. And how can one woman be married to two men at the same time?? Is this not cheating, fraud and adultery? How can Kumar not know English as she is clearly speaking it above?? If she is clever enough to do what she has done and deceive the indian government, she can easily deceive innocent people. How can Kumar’s son win the lottery?? She is a liar. Many lawyers probably did not take up Kumar’s case because they knew she was a fraud, cheat and a liar – like the other prostitutes in India. Kumar is like many girls in India…they use their ‘charms’ and ‘bodies’ to get what they want and ruin families. Which shows that Kumar is a professional prostitute, who steal’s everything from innocent NRI’s.

  3. Anonymous

    Looking at this case shows how women go to extreme lengths to gain a passport and achieve ‘british’ status. Being a lawyer myself, I have come across many cases like this, Kumar is a professional ‘call-girl’. Kumar blames her ‘language handicap’ for the reason as to why she did not reveal anything..This is a false concept because million’s of Indian people are working for the law and interpreters are available. Kumar obviously knew of this but she did not expand her enquries because her allegations were dishonest, false and forged. Mr Cheema must be gaining a lot through working with Kumar, she is probably a second wife!! Be careful Mr Cheema, you might be her next victim…The question is Kumar, what did your last victim die of?? How many were/are there? How many innocent families have you ruined? And when will you stop?? You shall get what you deserve, your sin’s will be revealed, god is watching. A message to all women, LOCK UP YOUR HUSBANDS! Kumar is slithering aorund..

  4. vrindasharma

    Dear all
    i started to do sm research for another story of the same kind
    sad families, sadder girls, tears and heart breaking stories of personal loss and betrayal by foreign grooms.
    but the next day i spoke to foreign grooms who claimed that they were being cheated instead.
    all in all the institution of marriage is being used and abused by people for materialistic gains, sadly law is unclear and society is half blind.

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